Welcome to Poulet s’il vous plaît!


On this site you will find posts on some of life’s greatest pleasures: travel, adventure and chicken. Yes you read that last one correctly.


As the name of this site suggests, one of the first phrases I like to learn when I’m in a new place is learning how to ask for chicken. It’s my favourite food, I never get sick of it, and I’ve eaten it all over the world.


There are few things I love more than chicken, but travel is most definitely up there.


From my first backpacking trip when I finished high school, to studying overseas in New York City and at Oxford University, I am well and truly addicted to travel.


Who am I?

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My name is Liz, and I have wanderlust issues.


I want to share with you my tips and tricks to make travelling stress-free, safe and most importantly, enjoyable.


At Poulet s’il vous plaît you’ll find reviews, packing tips, “nutshell” city guides and inspiration to help you love travel as much as I do.


I’m a normal person. I have a journalism degree, I work as a TV producer and I pay rent.


That last point is important.


So often in the online travel community you feel like the only way to see the world is to pack up and sell everything and travel non-stop for six years.


I haven’t done that.  In fact the bulk of my overseas travel has taken place at the end of my university years and in the early stages of my career in TV news journalism.


I decided in my final year at university that both my job and travel are important to me. As are my many other passions.


I decided I wanted to do it all, so I did.


Come join me!

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